Most of our projects are currently happening in german language but in 2021 we will start to work mainly in english and internationally
CD release “TIL – Superheroes fly ahead (for Jana)” on 25.09.2020
The band “TIL” interprets our title song “Superhelden fliegen vor” and dedicates the song to our first superhero ever – Jana. We are very happy about the support and the great artistic input. Thanks guys!
The “Superheroes fly first” campaign for the World Hospice Day 2020 (10.10.20)

We would like to draw attention to the concerns of young dying people and bring the topic to the center of society and also to the center of the social media.
Every person has a personal superhero who has already flown ahead of him or her and yet continues to shape our lives and plays an important role. On World Hospice Day we would like to remember those people!
Take part and post your video on TIK TOK, Instagram or Facebook by telling us who your personal superhero is. This can be a nice person you knew, but also one of your heroes (artists, athletes, idols).
Tag us #superheldenfliegenvor and we will celebrate this day together with you and our superheroes, who will definitely rock!
Dada Pengs Podcast
We want to bring the question “How can we improve and shape the situation and the remaining life of young dying people?” into the media and into the middle of society. Even though we are primarily oriented towards the concerns of adolescents and young adults, for us young people are all those who are torn from the middle of their lives and want to live their everyday lives as long as possible independently.
Dada Peng’s Podcast deals exactly with these topics.
The hospice associations and hospice facilities are still predominantly social and ecclesiastical in character, as the topic is ignored by the middle of society. Dying is ignored in many areas of life.
Yet dying one day is the only real common certainty in all our lives. We are all dying! And since we definitely cannot avoid it, we should design and plan it according to our ideas at an early stage. Dada Peng says:
“I will definitely not play “Bingo” with a sippy cup in my hand in any hospice in my last days. I want good tea, a Jim Beam Cola Flatrate, a Smart TV and mega fast High Speed Wifi to say goodbye to my people all over the world via Skype”.
What are your wishes? What will be important to you at the end of your life? These are questions we have to ask ourselves now, because when we are faced with a diagnosis when our body is sick, we often don’t have the strength to do it.
Superhelden fliegen vor – Songs for young dying people and their friends


A CD with songs, with which you can deal with your own mortality and which may help to transform sadness into gratitude and happiness, that is what this disc wants to be. Artists and interpreters from different musical directions gather here and interpret songs and lyrics of Dada Peng, which all have one thing in common: They deal with the subject of death and dying and tell of true experiences, of stories from 20 years of dealing with death.
The CD will be released in 2021.