The initiative

Superheroes Cheerful Kids Expressing Positivity Concept
Our initiative was launched by the artist, speaker and activist Dada Peng  in 2020. More infos on Dada Peng you will find at
Dada Peng is for more than 20 years now a supporter of the hospice movement. In his early 20s he already worked as a volunteer in the hospice in Schwerte and since his book “mein buch vom leben und sterben” was published in 2013 he has visited more than 100 hospices and palliative care units.
But we also want to cooperate primarily with associations, people, artists, cooks, construction workers, people who are not necessarily at home in hospice work. The care for the dying, the shaping of the dying needs impulses from the middle of the society. What do we need to die happily? How do we want to die? We would like to promote the digital networking of the dying and openly develop new ideas and help with their implementation. We already cooperate with a wide variety of theaters and venues and bring the concerns of young dying people to the cultural center of our society. For example, at the premiere of Dada Peng’s program “Superheroes fly ahead” in the Schmidtchen Theater, in the middle of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.
For us it was a wonderful and courageous evening in one of the most beautiful theaters of all.

To a fabulous time together and many more beautiful moments and memories!